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With more than years of industry experience in UX strategy, UX design, and front-end development, I have a proven track record of being a leader and creating incredibly usable and cost-effective web sites. Through these experiences, I have become a trusted member of my teams and an excellent resource for the development and implementation of design and UX strategies.

Main Skills
UX Design

Measure and optimize applications to improve ease of use, and create the best UX by exploring many different approaches to solve end-users' problems.

UI Design

The process of making interfaces in software or computerized devices with a focus on style so that users will find the site easy to use and pleasurable.

Front End Web Development

Determining the structure and design of web pages/site and then coding them, all while ensuring web design is optimized for multiple devices.


A process created to put the customer at the core of every decision the team makes in order to create an optimal UX.

Fun Fact
Self Taught Guitarist
NYS Rowing Champion
Drinks way too much coffee
18 Countries Visited
2020 - Present
Sr. Product Designer

Foundational member of the Newrez’s Product Design (UX) team. Lead process improvement initiatives, created design system, and facilitated the development of components with IT.

2012 - 2020
Sr. UX Designer

Hired to serve as member of an internal group whose purpose is to design intuitive, technically feasible interfaces in cross-functional matrixed team setting. Additional responsibilities include designing and implementation of multivariate testing and front end development for internal and external applications.

2010 - 2012
UX Designer (Contract)

Hired as a contract-to-hire employee to serve as member of an internal group whose purpose is to design intuitive, technically feasible interfaces in cross-functional matrixed team setting.

2006 - 2009
Sr. Web Developer/Designer
Bryn Mawr Communications Group

Hired to serve the role of Senior Web Developer & Graphic Designer for 5 separate companies under the BMC umbrella. Responsibilities included UI/UX design, email marketing, and print design.

Designer (Contract)

Hired as a long-term contractor to help design and implement earning and redemption ads for MBNA's Online Banking Rewards programs, specifically for the NFL Rewards Program.

GUI Software Engineer
INS Diamond IP

Hired to overhaul the Graphic User Interface and User Experience for INS’s software. Responsibilities included UI/UX design, web development, logo design, and project management.

Director of Web Development
Lakefront Media, Inc.

Founded and managed the Multimedia and Web Design Department. Responsibilities included UI/UX design, web and ineractive development, print design, client relations, and project management.

Ithaca College - Roy H Park School of Communications
Bachelor of Computer Science in Corporate Communication
Ithaca, New York

Dual concentrations in Presentation Layout and Design and Instructional Design. Additional coursework: advertising, public relations, photography, management theory, and computer graphics systems. Extracurricular activities included Crew, Ad Lab Intercollegiate Competition, Instructional Design Competition, and the Ski Team.

My Skills
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Axure RP
Coding Languages
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3/SASS
  • JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • RegEx
Additional Skills
  • Multivariate Testing
    There is no better no get anonymous user feedback than by running an experiment through multivariate testing methods. By comparing our variation(s) against the control, we are able to deduce what effects subtile changes in the UI (layout, imagary, or content) have on the user's interations.
  • Rapid Prototyping (High & Low Fidelity)
    In web development, prototypes are an effective method of conveying an idea to both the business partners and the development team. Over the years, I have used numerous methods to rapidly show teams how a page should be laid out. These include low fidelity sketches, high fidelity html prototypes with interaction, and using applications like Axure, UX Pin, & Sketch to create multiple levels of prototypes.
  • Agile/LEAN development
    Agile/LEAN development is a fantastic methodology to streamline the development process. Agile breaks a product down into smaller Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and then takes those individual MVPs and breaks them down into even smaller units of work. Doing this allows a team to test and learn to make sure that the product they're delivering matches the market need/expectations. LEAN takes the Agile product cycle and tightens the loop to make the iteration even shorter and enables rapid deployment. I've been using Agile and LEAN methodologies for the last 10 years.
  • LUMA/Design Thinking
    LUMA is a toolkit of activities that allow teams use design thinking for problem solving, ideation, and brainstorming. I've been trained in LUMA and currently working with my professional mentor to learn how to become a LUMA Facilitator.
  • ADA/WCAG Compliance
    I have been working with an internal team that is helping Vanguard to bring its websites up to standards to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means that we need to make sure that the site needs to be usable by people with all types of disabilities, including visual, cognitive, and physical. In order to accommodate these needs, we have adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and try to design according to their standards.
Case Studies
Retirement Readiness Enrollment
Multivariate Experimentation
Transitions Redesign
UX/UI Design & Strategy
Investor Questionnaire
Strategy, Design, & Development
Preretiree Experiments
Multivariate Experimentation
Professional Wins

Over the past years, I have a proven track record of being a leader and creating incredibly usable and cost effective web sites. The following are just a few of my major professional wins.

  • Strategy, UX/UI Designer, & Prototype Development
    Transitions Redesign
    The goal of this project was to create and implement a strategy to reimagine the entire Transition process within Vanguard's Participant Experience Web Site so that participants could easily self-prevision their way through the transaction. The end result was a 25% increase in online completions and helped pave the way towards the retirement of the service within Pinnacle and INSYTE. Not only was it a UX win, it saved Vanguard $5.1 million in replatforming costs and a 26 FTE reduction.
  • Strategy, UX/UI Designer, & Prototype Development
    Google Match
    Worked as part of an Agile development team to create a custom application for Google so that their participants could easily set up their retirement plan to max out their 402(g) savings and work on their 415 limit savings online. I worked directly with the client and the team to create a UI that was intuitive and economical to build. Using effective UX design practices and testing, the team was able to deliver the application ahead of the anticipated delivery date.
  • Strategy, UX/UI Designer, & Prototype Development
    Preretiree Multivariate Experimentation
    Worked with a multivariate experimentation team to design personalized messaging targeted at participants in the 50-60 year age range about their financial futures. The team used design thinking methodologies to create personas based on the target audience and created a series of email campaigns to help them get a better understanding of what their retirement may look like and how to prepare for it. Through simple and clear messaging, the treated population took significantly fewer lump sum distributions, had an increased enrollment into our managed plans, and they rolled over (consolidated) $4.6 million into Vanguard IRAs.
  • Strategy, UX/UI Designer, & Front End Development
    Hired by International Network Services, Inc., to create an entirely new UI and UX for NetControl and IPControl to make these web applications more user-friendly and built new modules. I led a team of engineers, created a strategy, listened to client feedback, and made adjustments as necessary to develop award-winning products that became industry favorites. British Telecom later acquired the company, partly on the strength of this software suite.
  • Strategy, UX/UI Designer, & Front End Development
    Lakefront Media, Inc.
    Brought in as the Director of Web Development. As Director, I ran a startup web shop for Lakefront Media from 1996 through 2004. My roles included modernize the company, teaching the existing employees how to do all aspects of web design, serve as lead developer/designer/strategist, and oversee the department. We served clients such as KPMG, Becton Dickenson, and NYCE.


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